June 27, 2010

Condoms For First Graders

Sounds outrageous, doesn't it?  Well, the school board in Provincetown, MA recently approved having condoms available to children of all ages without the parents knowing about it.  Ok, so first graders seeking out condoms is highly unlikely, but where do you draw the line?

After an uproar from parents and a phone call from the governor, Ptown plans to change the policy to fifth graders on up.  Not much better.  I wonder if any of those school board members have children in elementary school.  And will they be doing like was done in my son's high school, i.e. placing a model of a penis in erection at the front of the class and demonstrating how to put one on?  That borders on sex abuse in my mind.

Of course, since I don't support the use of artificial contraception of any kind at any age, not by fornicating singles, not by adulterous spouses, not even by two happily married Catholic persons*, the only policy that would please me is no contraceptives in schools (in society) along with replacing the current "Health Education" with education about holistic chastity (of which abstinence is only a minor part).

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"We don’t encourage teen chastity simply because we don’t want teenaged girls to get pregnant. We encourage teen chastity because God created human sexual expression to speak a very powerful and profound language – the language of permanent self-donation between a husband and a wife. When we take it out of that context, we hurt ourselves on many, many levels...We encourage teen chastity because chastity is beautiful and positive, because it helps teens (and everyone) live real, honest love. And love is what they’re looking for."

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*Along with the fact that many artificial contraceptives are abortifacients, all artificial contraception separates the procreative aspects of the marital act from the unitive aspects, thereby disrupting the fullness of mutual love intended for married couples and denying the vocation to parenthood. 


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