May 22, 2010

When You Sow Contraception, You Reap Abortion

"When you sow contraception, you reap abortion."  The founder of Human Life International (HLI), Fr. Marx, said that and finally there is a group in his organization focusing on this aspect of the abortion problem.  Crisis pregnancy centers are great, but they focus on times contraception fails and a crisis pregnancy arises.  This group will focus on the elimination of contraception [and hopefully of the contraception mindset] with the goal of eliminating crisis pregnancies.  It is HLI America, who says:

"We're going to fight the 'big lie' of contraception head on and promote the value and beauty of large families. American culture desperately needs these twin witnesses!"

This relates to my recent posts about Feminists For Life and my overriding concern that most crisis pregnancy centers do not take a stand against contraception, when contraception and the contraception mindset are the root causes of abortion.  I don't expect them to necessarily do anything outwardly besides making the statement, but most won't even do that.  I hope it is not because they don't want to go out of business, because that is exactly what they should be doing, going out of business, that is.  After all, we want to eliminate crisis pregnancies.

Kudos to HLI America.


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