April 21, 2010

Do You Have A Plan?


We make plans for all kinds of things - a fire escape plan, a business plan, a vacation plan, a plan to lose weight, a plan to get high SAT scores, and a plan to paint the living room. With the rise of premarital and extramarital sex, we need to make plans in case pregnancy occurs. 

- Do you drink alcohol before having
  sex?  Alcohol can result in birth
- Who will go to doctor appointments?
- Who will pay for those appointments?
- Will you stay in school or drop out? 

- Who will work?
- Who will stay home with the baby?
- How will you get health insurance for everyone?
- Will you get married?
- Will you get divorced?
- If you violate natural law and have an abortion, which is murder, who
  will pay for it?
- Who will drive your girlfriend to the abortion clinic?
- Will you be the one to bury the fetus?
- Are you ready to deal with the emotional consequences?
- How will you prevent it from happening again?

These things need to be made tangible, real, visceral, concrete. We're not talking concepts here. We're talking about things that actually happen when we think we know better than God.

No artificial contraception is 100% full proof. Sex and babies, girlfriends and boyfriends, zygotes and/or abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, motherhood and fatherhood.  They could become your life.

Make your plan today. 
Keep things really simple and there will
only be one step in your plan. 

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