March 12, 2014

"Unraveling My Father's Suicide" on Beneath the Surface Radio Show

I discussed my book, Unraveling My Father's Suicide, on Beneath the Surface radio show this weekend. 

Unraveling My Father's Suicide, part 2
Guest: Kathleen Laplante

"A real life story of how deep pain and meaninglessness
can evolve into real hope and peace."
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From the Facebook Page:
Following Socrates' lead, [Beneath the Surface] BTS never tires of asking why and never fears where reason may lead.
Sundays 10pm-midnight:
BTS is a unique radio talk show that explores the big questions of life that many people are "too busy" or too fearful to approach. It is a gathering of truth seekers who have not allowed the world to inoculate them from their natural curiosity and wonder. We ask 'why', and explore Beneath the Surface - where truth, life and love are united.

Part 1 - Suicide & Mental Illness

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