June 05, 2013

Melkite Greek Catholic Eparch Nicholas Samra Visits Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The Melkite Greek Catholic Eparch, Bishop Nicholas Samra, was in town this week to do some teaching for this year's class of Melkite Deacon Candidates.  While here on Sunday, June 2, 2013, he con-celebrated Divine Liturgy at Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) in Worcester, MA.  The other clergy joining him were Pastor, Fr. Paul Frechette, Deacon Elias Bailey and Deacon Dennis McCarthy.  The class of Deacon Candidates joined the laity.

There is something grounding about having the Eparch at our church, especially this Eparch.  When I sat next to him after Liturgy downstairs in the church hall, I was greeted and talked with as if I was one of the family.  Bishop Samra is down to earth and humble.  Please pray for him at all times, but especially in the coming week when he travels to strife-ridden Lebanon for meetings.

Having the Deacon Candidates present to pray and chant with the rest of us was also a blessing.  Their deep and loud voices lifted us up.  May God bless their discernment process.

Veneration of the Cross w/Bishop Nicholas Samra &  Deacons in Background

2013 Class of Deacon Candidates Preparing for Divine Liturgy 

The celebration was multi-layered in that OLPH also began its year long celebration of the 90th anniversary as a church community and the 50th anniversary of the church building.  To see more photos, visit the OLPH Facebook Page.

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