May 14, 2012

Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

Everyone Deserves a Lifetime.  That is the slogan for this year's Susan G. Komen 60-mile-walk to put an end to breast cancer.  It's beautiful.  When I heard it in a commercial the other day, my immediate reaction was, "Hey, that can be used for unborn babies too!"  Just imagine this display done with a picture of an unborn baby, or an x-ray/ultrasound type profile image of a pregnant woman and her in utero child.

Apparently, others have had similar thoughts.  Too bad the slogan is trademarked.

I was about to write that I do not understand why people miss the connection between unborn babies, their personhood, and their right to life, and then I recalled that I used to miss that connection myself.  Before my conversion back in 1997, I was blind like so many people are today. 

Back then, I argued for my right to have an abortion if I wanted to.  I could not comprehend that I was wanting the right to kill another human being.  Now it is so intuitive, that I tend to forget where I came from.  Blogging keeps it fresh.

Thank you Jesus for restoring my sight!

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