July 28, 2011

NPR/WBUR 90.9 Airs Another Show On Women Priests

On June 28, 2011, I wrote an entry entitled, NPR & Women "Priests" - Will They Cover The Other Side Too?  I wrote about an article on the NPR web site, and its associated talk show, in which the presentation was so clearly one-sided, i.e. women should be allowed to be priests in the Roman Catholic Church.  I wrote to NPR to do another show presenting the Church's side, as I am sure many others did too.

We may have been heard, although the first show was on Anything Goes and the second was on On Point.

When I drove home tonight, I happened to catch another radio show on this topic.  This time, NPR/WBUR/On Point had a more balanced presentation of views.  At least there was a Catholic theologian on the panel of speakers.  Pia was her name and she did a good job explaining the teachings of the Church with respect to the non-ordaining of women as priests. 

Having said that, NPR/WBUR/On Point still have some improvements to make.  The panelists in favor of ordaining women priests outnumbered Pia, 2 to 1.  They were the Catholic Maryknoll priest and the "ordained female priest" from Roman Catholic Women Priests, never mind the preference given to callers in accord with them.  There was also an overriding presumption that women can be ordained.  Nonetheless, it's progress in my mind and I have to give NPR/WBUR/On Point credit.

Personally, I get rattled when I listen to a show like this.  I can see how easy it would be for people to "hop on the bandwagon", on the wrong bandwagon, that is.

To listen to it, click here
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