March 13, 2011

Still Wondering What To Give Up For Lent?

I often find it more challenging to do the kinds of things in the list below, than to give up ice cream or take up walking every day.  I have highlighted the three that have particular meaning and lots of room for practice for me.

A Special Lenten Fast

Give up harsh words - Use generous ones;
Give up unhappiness - Take up gratitude;
Give up anger - Take up gentleness & patience;
Give up pessimism - Take up hope and optimism;
Give up worrying - Take up trust in God;
Give up complaining - Value what you have;
Guive up stress - Take up prayer;
Give up judging others - Discover Jesus within them;
Give up sorrow and bitterness - Fill your heart with joy;
Give up selfishness - Take up compassion for others;
Give up being unforgiving - Learn reconciliation;
Give up words - Fill yourself with silence & listen to others.

May your Lenten season continue to be fruitful.  Peace. +

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