March 15, 2011

God Is Good, Right?

Did you ever pray for someone, asking God to bless them, and send them graces for their health and well-being, only to have them tell you later on, that they do not have time for you anymore?  You pray for someone else's well-being, and then you get the short end of the deal.  Yuck.

That happened to me yesterday.  Thankfully, I have enough experience to know that it is not about me, but it is about them doing God's will for them.  It hurts.  All the old ego-based thoughts come flooding forward, "Oh, yea, just wait until they see how awful their life is without me", "I hope they fall on their face", "I'm better than they are anyhow".  Not pretty.  Thank God, and I mean that literally, thank God I have the Faith. 

When I raise the situation up to His loving paradigm, I find peace.  I begin to hold on to the notion that God has good things in store for me too, that this is not just about that other person.  God is leading me to better things too.

It's just hard to hold onto that line of thinking in this mundane, weighted world.  With God though, all things are possible.  He will help me to get back on track with Him, if I give into my ego yearnings.  He will bring me to conversion, over and over again - as long as I keep talking to Him and asking Him for help.

Our Lady of Consolation, please pray for me.
Pray that He gives me the grace to be graceful in my future interactions with this person.

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