November 28, 2010

Helping Pregnant Girls & Women In Need

Originally created for the St. Gerard Walkathon*, this Christmas time word art hints at a holistic vision needed to improve the crisis pregnancy challenge throughout our world.

you &
I carry on
this month &
next, I hope we
think of the pregnant
girls & women needing
and wanting help w/ giving
birth to their babies.They are
a special source of new life for
our world. They are also the benefi-
ciaries of the work we do, work that
bubbles over & produces more than the
immediate and tangible successes of fund
raising for a pregnancy center or shelter. It is
the delicate & demanding work of establishing,
and championing, the multi-faceted, social support
systems needed for expectant mothers - not only to
bring new life among us, but to have that life sustained
and nurtured
long after its

Copyright © 2006-2010 by Kathleen Laplante

* The St. Gerard Walkathon was an effort to raise money for pregnant girls and women in crisis. Named after the patron saint of expectant mothers, the walkathon generated money for Birthright, a crisis pregnancy counseling center, and Spring House, a transitional home for expectant mothers in crisis.

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