October 10, 2010

Greater Marlboro Coalition For Life - Prayer Service & Rally For Life 2010

The Greater Marlboro Coalition For Life (GMCFL) was formed earlier this year to develop a local ProLife focus in the Marlboro, MA area.  First on the agenda was developing a mission statement, which is still being worked on.  Second on the agenda was organizing a peaceful walk/protest from one of the local churches to the new Planned Parenthood office in Marlboro.

The procession took place yesterday after an interdenominational prayer service at Immaculate Conception Church. It was a beautiful day weather wise, with a great turnout from people of all ages, once again, reflecting the ProLife mindset. (From Teenagers Led The Crowd: "The mixed generations conveyed a sense of integrity about the ProLife movement, i.e. our physical representation matched our beliefs about life, procreation and faith*.) 

Participants stayed for two and a half+ hours in front of Planned Parenthood with brochures, signs, prayers and greetings to passersby, on foot and in cars. Here are more photos I took.

Prayer Service at Immaculate Conception Church

Procession to Planned Parenthood

          Rally For Life


I believe the group is planning to continue working on its ProLife mission statement, one that will allow for a broader agenda of ProLife activities in the future.

[After posting this entry, I was informedthat the mission statement is complete.  Thumbs up!]

Yours in Christ,

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