October 04, 2010

Teenagers Led The Crowd


MCFL Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers & Children
Sunday, October 3, 2010
Boston, MA

As I understand it, Student Lifeline is the first ProLife club in any public school.  They are from Burlington High School in Burlington, MA.  Go high schoolers!

These walks are good for reigniting the spark of ProLife enthusiasm.  For a long time, I did not participate in them, but I eventually got over my shyness.  It is gratifying to join with people who also believe that aborting babies is wrong, and that pregnant mothers in crisis can get help to bring their child into our world, and to decide what role they will take.  It is also a great time to see old friends and reunite with fellow ProLifers across the state.

*** I loved seeing all the young people and families walking together.  ***

The mixed generations conveyed a sense of integrity about the ProLife movement, i.e. our physical representation matched our beliefs about life, procreation and faith*.  Along with that, everyone was upbeat (ok, except the 2-year-old who wanted a nap) and proud to be walking.

Here are some other pictures I took.

               Speeches Beforehand

                                                                            Me with my friends, Bob and Paul

                  AnotherTeam of Teenagers 

Peace to you and your families,

*ProChoicers were protesting on the sidewalks and street islands. They too conveyed a sense of integrity, i.e. their physical presence matched their beliefs about life, procreation and faith. There were no children among their crowd and their signs and shouts included "Take your Rosaries off my ovaries".

images - mine  :-)

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