September 17, 2010

Upcoming Conference About The Impact Of The Pill

This is an historic one day conference sponsored by HLI (Human Life International) America, an organization whose task is to expose the link between the use of contraception and the increase in the number of abortions.  Registration is open to the public.

Friday, December 3, 2010
8am to 5pm
Washington, DC

Speakers include a spectrum of well-known professionals who will discuss the medical and cultural impact since The Pill launched fifty years ago.

Jenn Giroux, RN
- Medical impact of patients relative to The Pill

Prof. Janet Smith
- Cultural impact of The Pill and its effects on dating and the family

Dr. Theresa Deischer
- Frtilization of embryos used for research, the commercialization of children and stem cell research

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi
- Medical and clinical evidence between The Pill and increased breast cancer in young woman

Phill Kline
- Legal implications of The Pill as it relates to minors

Dr. John Bruchalski
Impact of The Pill on the practice of medicine and woman

Brian J. Gail
- Cultural, spiritual and demographical impact on society and the individual

Patricia Bainbridge
Forces Behind The Pill: Then and Now

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