September 13, 2010

The Joys of Parenting

My son's car broke down tonight.  It would not move.  It sits on the edge of the driveway as I write this.  I'll worry about getting it towed tomorrow.

I planned to stay home and watch the men's finals for the US Open in the tennis world, but those plans went by the wayside.  Instead, I hopped in my car and went with my son and his friend for an hour and a half ride back to their school.  Then I drove back.  Years ago, that kind of a disruption would have been a challenge for me, not in terms of my external actions, but in terms of my internal reactions.  I am much more calm about it all these days.  In fact, I am not only calm, but I am having fun while I let go of what I thought I was going to be doing and instead, embrace what the situation at hand.

I love letting my son drive my car, as long as he agrees not to go too fast.  [I make him sign a contract.  ;-) ]  It's unexpected payback for those times I brought him to soccer practice or home from school.  God is good.  I get a personal chauffeur for a span of time.

I love listening to him and his friend talk about networking with classmates and starting internships and going to concerts and finding tow truck services.  I love stopping at Subway and eating subs with them, chatting about things like the relative quality of Quiznos and D'Angelo's subs and the effectiveness of owning a credit card if you have cash flow problems.

I have always enjoyed these "little" things with them.  There is something organic, something spiritual, something real and vibrant in those moments.  I like going to their graduations, but I love playing badminton in the back yard or having dinner with them.  I love them.

P.S.  There was a rain delay at the US Open, so I get to watch the men's final after all.  :-)
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