July 15, 2010

Conceived In Rape, A Story Of Hope

I recently blogged about the oxymoron ProLife "Except In The Case Of Rape" and talked about women in Rwanda who were raped and gave birth to and kept their children anyhow.  I recently came across a woman who was on the other end of similar circumstances.  She was the child conceived in a rape and is now a ProLife speaker.  Her name is Rebecca Kiessling.

She was conceived when her mother was raped, was almost aborted in two back alley attempts to do so, was born, was given up for adoption and was eventually curious about her birth parents.  She learned that if abortion was legal at the time, her mother would have obtained one and Rebecca would not be alive today.

Rebecca now speaks for all those children who were/are conceived in rape.  She has a few Internet locales.

Brochure of Her Personal Story
Conceived in Rape, A Story of Hope

Web Site With Videos And Other Women's Stories

Facebook Pages
Conceived in Rape: From Worthless to Priceless - Rebecca Kiessling's story
Rebecca Kiessling Pro-Life Speaker

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