July 07, 2010

ProLife "Except In The Case Of Rape"

No.  I am not in the camp of ProLife "except in the case of rape."  I have heard many people say that, but adding exceptions after the word nullifies it.  That is, they are not truly ProLife, because in God's eyes, all human life is life, regardless of how it is conceived, and it is our responsibility to keep it alive, and they want to forego it in this instance.

These people mean well in that they usually mean that rape is a horrible thing for a woman, and it would be even more horrible to expect her to raise the child of her assailant.  The follow on, though, is, "Therefore, it would be okay if she aborted/killed that child."

They have good hearts, but they are letting emotion rule their reason.  Condoning abortion in the case of rape is like saying abortion is killing, yes we know that, but in this instance, killing is okay, because it is the lesser of evils.  Wrong.  Committing another evil to ameliorate the evil of rape does not make things better or morally upright for either action.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not saying that keeping the baby is a pain free existence.  It is not.  But the pain from doing so will always outweigh the pain from murdering one's own child (or someone else's child in the case of the abortionist).  I can not be convinced otherwise, and like with so many other things in life, we are called to align our will with God's will and learn to bear the suffering instead of taking the easier, and often immoral, way out.  It is like the adage, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."  It doesn't say cut up the lemons and throw them out.

Two rape victims in Rwanda recently shared their gratitude for their children who were conceived in rape.  One woman struggled greatly with anger, even toward her son, but she eventually worked through that to the gratitude.  Click here

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