June 18, 2010

Execute Justice Not People


A man who was imprisoned on death row for 25 years was executed by a firing squad today in Utah.  Yes, a firing squad. While that method is barbaric (I am glad I was not chosen to be on the squad.), the bigger issue is the condoning of the murder in the first place.  Was it really necessary?

I don't think so, after all our society managed to keep him locked up for 25 years.  I don't know details, but that would indicate that we found a way to keep him from murdering again without having to kill him off.  The only remaining motive I can surmise is blood curdling revenge, which is hardly justice, at least not justice in God's eyes. 

May God enlighten our world and help us to eliminate eye for an eye and tooth
for a tooth mentality by spreading Jesus' teachings in the New Testament. Amen..

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