May 19, 2010

Eliminate The Crisis, Not The Child


I have always liked this quote from Jeannie W. French.  It is the premise of work I did in the past to raise money for pregnant girls and women in need.  I would say it is also the premise of the ongoing work being done by Feminists For Life, a secular ProLife group I recently blogged about.  (Click here.)  I read more of their literature and I continue to be impressed by their holistic approach to helping women who are facing unexpected pregnancies.  They say it best, so here are more quotes.  I hope you read them and take them to heart in some concrete manner.

"What if she is poor?
We do not eliminate poverty by eliminating poor women's children."

"So you believe that a tiny speck - a zygote, blastocyst, embryo or fetus - has rights over a woman?
Women aren't stupid.  We know it's a baby that is growing just like we did in our mother's wombs.  That is why most women who feel they have emotional and financial support don't have abortions...Do you believe that a child has less of a right to exist because he or she is small?"

"The basic tenets of feminism are nonviolence, nondiscrimination and justice for all.  Abortion violates all three."

"Women shouldn't have to pass as men.  No woman or man should feel pressured to conform to a single, childless 'model' for students or employees."

"...what if the fetus is or could be disabled?
Persons with disabilities are devalued now as women once were.  If actual or potential disability is a reason to devalue children before birth, what cruel message doe this send to persons with disabilities who are already born?"

"We want to make abortion unthinkable."

"What about very young women who give birth in developing countries?  Wouldn't abortion help them?
Young women give birth not because abortion is unavailable but because cultural practices promote early marriage, sexual activity and intentional impregnation....Abortion will not address this...positive life-affirming education about women's bodies, the effects of early marriage and motherhood will.  Education, job skills and employment opportunties will help young women direct their futures."

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