May 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning for the Soul


I went shopping yesterday and saw a sign that said "Spring Clearance."  I thought of my soul.  I could go for a good spring cleaning.  Here are some things I would like to get rid of.
  • The negative talking I do about people when they are not present
  • The feet I drag sometimes before I get around to doing the Rosary
  • All those times I don't get around to doing the Rosary
  • The silences I carry instead of telling others I love them
  • Petty jealousies
  • Self-pity - This is so unproductive, isn't it?
  • Ingratitude
  • Texting or cell phoning while driving - Do I think I am immune to injury and death?
  • My avoidance of reading the Bible, again
  • Missing too many Daily Masses
  • Watching useless TV
  • Fretting
  • Talking when it would be best for me to listen to others
  • White lies - Oh, those white lies
  • Not doing more concrete things to act on my ProLife beliefs
  • Not speaking up about priests who grossly ad lib the words of the Liturgy, e.g. "Happy are all of us who are gathered here to take part in this meal." - What?!  The laity doesn't even know how to respond to that and the priest has been saying it for more than two years.
And here are some other things I wish could get purged.
  • People who call themselves ProChoice yet do not tolerate my choice of ProLife
  • Media bashing of the Catholic Church
  • People who call themselves Catholic yet do not believe in the Real Presence
  • People who call themselves Catholic yet consciously fornicate and/or contracept
  • People, especially those who have children in religious education classes, who call themselves Catholic yet do not go to Mass or Confession
  • Clergy and everyone else guilty of sex abuse

May God take all these items to His purgative fires of love and extinguish them.

Jesus, I love You.  Help me to follow You more closely.

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