November 03, 2016

Enriching the ProLife Discussion About Babies

In a secular world like ours, it is challenging to be ProLife. So many ProChoicers seem to misunderstand the concept that a child is being murdered in every abortion. Or maybe it's that they understand the concept but deny it. 

What is denial? The action of declaring some truth to be untrue, or,

"Denial is one of the most common defense mechanisms that we all use, pretending that an uncomfortable thing did not happen." -

"Denial...[is when] the individual recognizes or is conscious of the existence of the truth or fact but consciously refuses to accept it as such." -

As Lisa Smiley says in her video, it doesn't matter. When a woman becomes pregnant, everyone asks how the baby is - from Day 1. Do you know the baby's sex yet? Is the baby kicking or moving around? What names are you considering for the baby? The baby. The baby. The baby. We use that term because it is a baby from Day 1, the moment of conception.

Pregnant women across the globe read and sing and play music to their baby in the womb. Why? Because inside her womb is a baby who is capable of internalizing knowledge.

I often sense a visceral tension when I am chatting about abortion with someone who is ProChoice. It is almost as if they know it's a baby in the womb, but they don't want to be found out about it. Instead, they direct the discussion to the mother's right to choose, which is a valid topic, but I recently heard a different talk by Lisa Smiley and she put it well. If a mother abuses her child, is that ok? No. If a mother drives down the street and decides to throw the baby out, is that ok? No. If a mother encloses her child in a small space and fills that space with cigarette smoke non-stop, is that ok? No. Then why is it ok for a mother to kill her unborn baby? It's not, especially when you think about it from the ethical and moral perspectives just discussed. 

ProLife is not about taking choices away from pregnant women. It is about giving pregnant women ethical and moral solutions to manage their crises. 

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