June 28, 2016

The Melkite Catholic SOPHIA Summer 2016 Journal Is Out - And It Rocks!

Bishop Nicholas J. Samra has been doing a wonderful job with bringing richness to the articles and photos in SOPHIA, The [Quarterly] Journal of the Eparchy of Newton for Melkite Catholics in the United States. A sense of cohesiveness is present, not only in the material, but in the community of Melkite persons it serves.

From the Editor: The Beauty of God’s Creation 3
From the Bishop: Joyful Stewards of Our 50-Year Jubilee 4
Writing Straight with Crooked Lines 6
Deacon Paul Ordained Fr. Theophan 9
The Melkite Church at Second Vatican Counsel 10
Archbishop Jeanbart Pleads for Aleppo 15
Syrian Christians “Reckoned as Sheep for the Slaughter” 17
The Great Council of the Orthodox Church 18
The Origins of Byzantine Chant 20
The Church as Servant 23
A New Testament Gallery of Marian Images 24
Memory Eternal 25
Melkite Quiz Feast Days and Saints’ Days 26
[National Association of Melkite Youth] NAMY Turns 35 28
Our Small Size Empowers Apostolic Life 29
Exarch Joseph Haggar Celebrates Golden Jubilee 30
Re ections on Vocations and Anniversaries 31
Around the Eparchy 33
[National Association of American Melkite Women] NAMW 38
Navigating the Eparchy 39

image - https://melkite.org/sophia-issue/sophia-summer-2016

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