June 11, 2016

3. Go on social media (i.e., communicate!), call a friend, visit a friend.

Continuing with 8 Things Every Catholic Should Be Doing Every Day:

3. Go on social media (i.e., communicate!), call a friend, visit a friend.

Background:  I have a Facebook account and I have three break outs on it:

1) My personal account.
2) The Page I manage for my church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Greek Melkite Catholic.
3) The Page I manage for my self-published book, Unraveling My Father's Suicide.

So I use Facebook often, the last two for business purposes, the first one for my personal use. I am claiming it because I want to say that the first part of #3, go on social media, is not something I would include in my list. Call a friend or get together with a friend or co-worker, those are things I would recommend on a daily basis. Facebook can wear a person down with all the insignificant information in our News Feeds.

To me, getting on social media opens a can of worms, not the least of which is the decision about which one to use, so people use all of them: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Trumblr, Instagram, and more. That's enough to disrupt one's spiritual calm.

There are all kinds of interpersonal struggles that can and usually do arise. I know people who do not have a Facebook account. I have a Twitter account, but I hardly use it. I haven't quite figured out how to get into a rhythm with that one. I see them all as tools, and as such, I would not recommend them for a spiritual boost or renewal. The Rosary would be a safer bet.
Just my.......

So sure, call a friend, or your mother, or your sibling. Visit a friend - for tea, not to talk about work.
But don't expect social media to provide you with a spiritual renewal. It may at times, but ask any psychotherapist, and they will probably confirm the strife to which I am referring.

Peace in Christ,
Kathleen +

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June 26, 2016 - Edited for clarity

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