June 07, 2016

2. Smile, Use your manners, Be kind, Give out hugs.

Continuing along with  8 Things Every Catholic Should Be Doing Every Day, we're onto #2 in the list, which boils down to...Drum roll please....

♪♫   R-E-S-P-E-C-T   ♪♫

2. Smile, Use your manners, Be kind, Give out hugs

Basic social etiquette is called for here, and a little more to show the people in our lives that we love them.  They are simple, but have a powerful effect, both in the short run and in the long run. They are simple, but they are not as prevalent (me included) as we need them to be.

I was reading a piece the other day about my home town. The author was pining for the good ole' days when children respected their parents and did things like those suggested above. How did it turn for the worse? Maybe it occurred when adults stopped giving each other a simple cordial smile upon passing, when they stopped paying attention to having good manners, even for themselves, and stopped being kind and giving out warm and appropriate hugs.

Basically, the world got grumpy. I cannot tell you how many people I pass on the sidewalk, in the halls, and at church who cast their gaze down and say not a word as we pass - until they hear me say hello. Many, but not all, will often reply in kind. 99% are not initiators, however.

I play a game with it now. "Ok, Let's see what this person is going to do..." Inevitably, I am disappointed. Once I overcome that feeling, I ask God to bless us both.

We really need to make a lot of effort if we want to make our lives more pleasant and meaningful, i.e., if we want to get to heaven.

What Are Some Basic Manners?
- Smile when you see another person.
- Say, "Please."
- Say, "Thank you."
- Say, "I beg your pardon."
- Hug your mother and your father as a child and as an adult.
- Open the door for others.
- Help the elderly cross the street.
- Let others, especially pregnant woman, have the last seat on the metro.
- Ask before you borrow someone else's property.
- Let your cell phone or smart phone go to voicemail when you are talking with someone.

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