April 13, 2016

Excerpts from "What I Didn't Know When I Stopped Having Sex"

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"What I Didn't Know When I Stopped Having Sex"
     "...No one told me that sleeping with that guy from the bar would leave me feeling more empty than I thought possible. No one told me that it would make me feel more unworthy and more alone. No one told me that with each one-night stand, my heart was building up walls that would keep everyone out. No one told me that allowing men access to my body would make it seemingly impossible to receive a hug, hear someone tell me that I ambeautiful, or let myself be loved."
     "I stopped having sex and you have the freedom as well...."
     "... despite what the world was telling me, I could stop having sex. I could save it for the proper context and I could regain the part of me that is so precious."
     "The battle is to claim a new life in Christ and to shed away the masks of false identity."
     "...I learned that while on His cross, the Lord saw all those lonely nights when I lay in bed wondering if this is as good as it gets. He bore the pain of my wounds and today allows me to live in the freedom which He has promised."
                                                                                             ~ Tori Vissat, Shalom Tidings, Oct/Nov 2015

To read Tori's article in its entirety, go to to the full article here.

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