January 09, 2016

New Book Review on Amazon (Unraveling My Father's Suicide)

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Overall Rating: "5.0 out of 5 stars.
Honesty and candor about understanding suicide.
ByVeronique on January 8, 2016

"This is a difficult subject to talk about. Many people have pre-prejudicial thoughts toward people who have tried to commit suicide or had family members who have taken their own life. That is so unfair as one cannot possibly understand the frame of mind a person must be in to think about suicide unless you been there yourself. Kathleen's book is courageous in opening her life to help people understand about her father's suicide and her own attempt. Read it with an open mind. This author also writes with hope for those struggling and how faith plays an integral part of the healing process. There is a tremendous amount of nourishment in her words for anyone who battles with suicide ideation or has lost a friend or family member. Thank you Kathleen for your powerful written account." - http://www.amazon.com/Unraveling-Fathers-Suicide-Kathleen-Laplante/dp/0692409882/ - w/correction

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