January 10, 2016

Libraries & Sad Update to Unraveling My Father's Suicide

I am a strong supporter of the public library system throughout our country. Once I discovered the one in my neighborhood, a new world opened up to me. From writing articles on their computers to borrowing DVD movies of all kinds to borrowing books to borrowing books & movies from across the state to attending discussions on stone wall building to giving a presentation about my book to the locals to volunteering for them and learning about cataloging.

Since May 2015, I have donated several copies of my book to the libraries in my area. If you would like to donate one to a library in your area anywhere in the United States, please contact me with their mailing address and I will gladly ship them an autographed copy, noting your name as well. My Email: klaplante2@yahoo.com

It is with much sadness that I share the following news. My cousin Ethan (pseudonym) took his own life on Christmas Eve in the same location his older brother took did the same several years ago. My older cousin shot himself at the top of the Rock Rimmon ledge, while the most recent suicide was done by jumping off that same ledge. Ethan is mentioned on pp. 38 & 50 as having ongoing struggles with suicidal ideation.

I was shocked. For some reason, I thought the suicides in my family tree would stop with the completion of my book. There is no logical reason for that, just an unconscious desire, I guess. I hope you rest in peace, cousins. +

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Images - http://www.amazon.com/Unraveling-Fathers-Suicide-Kathleen-Laplante/dp/0692409882/
- http://www.manchester.lib.ia.us/images/signoutside
- http://www.wherehistorylives.org/App_Uploads_Img/Manitowoc%20Public%20Library/Manitowoc%20Public%20Library%20Inside.jpg

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