May 26, 2015

Living Vicariously As A Nun Through Young Catholic Women Seeking to Become Nuns Themselves

Since my conversion back to Catholicism in 1997, I've had times when I've wondered if I would have been a nun if my circumstances fostered me toward such a vocation. It's not like it was a totally foreign idea in my family. Two of my maternal grandmother's sisters were nuns. See:

My great grandparents with their two daughters,
Srs. Maria and Clara.

My French Canadian great grandparents had fifteen children:

My great grandparents with 14 of their 15 children.

I am not sure which ones are Maria and Clara, but they are in there, budding toward their religious vocations. My heart pines to talk with them as a young girl, to possibly receive encouragement to at least consider the religious life.

Despite the fact that my adult grandparents (step grandfather) could not receive Communion because my grandmother was previously married but never sought out a Decree of Nullity, they went to church every Saturday to the 4pm Mass. They sat in one of the back pews each time. They also prayed the Rosary. I don't condone their living in sin, but I do admire their continuing to live out their Catholic lives to the extent they were allowed to. In our generation, people simply leave the Church altogether in these circumstances.

My mother and father's generation was where the practicing of the Catholic faith broke down even further in our French Canadian lineage. Along with alcoholism and contraception, my parents' marriage fell apart.  My mother insisted that we go to Mass every Sunday, but she never came with us. And of course, like so many other families, once we were confirmed, we stopped Mass altogether.

With my conversion back to the Faith, I wondered what my vocation was and is.  I was divorced, annulled, with two older children. There are convents that take people like me, but I never felt the inclination to pursue it seriously.

Instead, I live the life vicariously through other nuns and sisters like these folks:

A small group of Catholic women
working toward launching a new
community of women religious.

Five young women aspire to be nuns and begin new community in Buffalo (click on this link)

Eager to begin new community in Buffalo

Please read about them, about their devotion and their courage. We need more men and women like them. God Bless. +

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