February 26, 2015

It's Lent And The Front Cover of Unraveling My Father's Suicide Is Ready

It's Lent, thank God, literally. It's my annual time to regroup and pull in the reins of the lure of spiritual laziness. My spiritual counselor suggested I attend Daily Mass every day. For some, that would be easy to do.  For me, since I have acquired a late-night writer's schedule, it's not so easy. I compromised and am attending Daily Mass three times a week. I recall the days a few years ago when I did that regularly. I miss Daily Mass. I love waking up to something bigger than me. I love waking up to Jesus Christ, in Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. Nonetheless, I wonder if I will continue my practice after Lent when the overriding impetus is gone.  I am a sinner. God please help me. I am weak. Make me strong.

Other things I'm doing for Lent? I gave up Super Blow Pops.

They're terrible for you.  Sugar, corn syrup, bubble gum in the middle. It takes me a 1/2 hour to consume one and blow bubbles. I don't even know how I got started on them. Watermelon, Cherry, Grape, Sour Apple, Strawberry. Childhood memories. Not good for the teeth at all, but I'd eat them anyhow.

I also gave up electronic Scrabble and WordWhomp. That has been harder than I expected. I want to open a new Window right now and play my games. Finally, I gave up meat on Wednesdays in addition to Fridays, and there are a couple things too personal to share. Why give up anything at all? To deepen my relationship with God by walking with Jesus in His Passion. +


Ta Dah! The front cover design for my book has been finalized. This is it. I hope you like it and I hope it is not much longer for the back and spine designs to be done, followed by the design of the interior text and pictured...and then proofing will be done for the book as a whole. I can't wait. Tom Duggan, President and Publisher of The Valley Patriot newspaper, will be having one of his staff members do a book review when it is ready. I hope other newspapers and media follow suit, not for monetary gain, but for raising awareness.
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