October 28, 2014

Misunderstandings about Catholicism

There are many misunderstandings about Catholicism, including among Catholics themselves.  This dynamic is true for just about any belief system - religious, political, social, etc. It's a reflection of our imperfect humanity.

Marcus Guevara put a list together called 7 Things Every Protestant Should Know About Catholicism. He prepared it in December 2013, and it is still worth passing along. I just learned of it. The author focuses on Protestants, but with a minor number of edits, similar lists could be prepared for other sects, like Jew, Atheist, Muslim -- and then they could all be combined for the general public, or so I believe.

Here is the link.

image - http://kevinmartineau.ca/wp-content/uploads/How-our-perceptions-can-lead-to-misunderstanding-and-conflict.jpg

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