August 05, 2014

Premarital Sex or Fornication?

I say all this from a simple place.  That is, I didn't do anything like research the etymologies of the words involved.

I like to call "it" premarital sex rather than fornication. (Just check my labels for this blog.)  First, most people I know do not have the word, fornication, in their every day vocabulary, so it's definition is not second nature to most of the world (most of the world I know, anyhow.  ;) Second, premarital sex is a more direct reminder that sex is tied to marriage, marriage of the two people involved, who may already be married to someone else.

Having said that, I recently read a blog post you will want to read:

I will not teach my kids about safe sex because there is no such thing
by Matt Walsh

It's a little on the long side, but it's worth reading the whole thing, and then forwarding it to others you know, even those that participate in premarital sex while living together, or not. Use your best judgment.

This is my favorite way to respond in these situations:

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