December 17, 2013

My Mother Unexpectedly Passed Away Today: Initial Reflections

My mother unexpectedly passed away today.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Yvette Laplante.
I will miss her dearly.  I am still grappling with all the feelings and thoughts that are coming to the surface. 

Our Lady of Sorrows

     "What?  Mom died?  She can't have died.  She was supposed to be here for another ten years, at least.  75 is too young to die."

     "Mom, you can't be gone.  I want to hug you one more time.  I want to tell you I love you... Oh my gosh, did I tell you I love you at Thanksgiving?"

     "I guess that leaves the rest of us, us six children and seven grandchildren.  Well, Mom, I'm not ready to be in charge.  I want you here, with us.  What could God have possibly been thinking?"

I know I'm being a bit selfish, but I can't seem to be anything but selfish right now.  It's too painful.  It hurts too much.  I just want my mother back.

     "Mom, I am so glad you got to retire and enjoy your life in an unstressed manner.  You of all people deserved that.  It was such a grace to see you happy and relaxed.  Thanks for giving that to me, and more importantly, thanks for giving it to yourself."

     "You were supposed to be with us to celebrate Christmas, remember?  We're doing a Yankee Swap."

My mother was a lapsed Catholic.  It is with the virtue of hope that I pray for the salvation of her soul.  I hope you will pray for her too.

"Our Lady of Sorrows, as you wept for your Son Jesus on the Cross, please weep for my mother so that your tears transform her Judgment Day into one of Heaven.  Please be with her as she travels from this world to the next."

In JMJ+,

... I love you, Mom.


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Will Lancaster said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you, Kathleen, at your time of separation and grief for your Mom. One advantage of praying the St Michael the Archangel Chaplet is that our loved ones who may be in Purgatory are granted grace needed to enter into Heaven. Also, know that God is Just and Good, so this may help to console you in your concern about your Mom's judgment. God bless you, and your Mom too.

Susan Bailey said...

My mom was very antagonistic towards religion and I never knew before she died if she reconciled with God. But I prayed for her constantly and believe I received signs from God that she was with Him (including the most beautiful funeral ever in so many ways). You are so alert to God's signs, He will show you something. Your ability to write will help you to get through this, such a gift to have at such a crucial time. Having lost my dad 10 years ago tomorrow, I feel it fresh and new and therefore am keeping thoughts of you close to me.