August 01, 2013

Crisis Pregnancy Common Sense by Jeannie W. French

This makes so much sense that I like to post it every now and then.

Of course, it demands that our society, our world, you and me, do a better job with helping pregnant women and their children in crisis, both before and after birth.  Post birth is a long-term demand, and we need to pray and learn how be more effective in all these arenas.

Here are some crisis pregnancy organizations near me that I like:

Spring House of Berlin, MA                      Birthright International of Marlborough, MA

Visitation House of Worcester, MA           Each and every one of us!

Good Wishes in Christ,

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John Sutherland said...

I am a board member of a pro-life society in Abbotsford, British Columbia called Advokate. I also blog on life matters at It so happens that I quoted Jeannie French in my most recent post. You should probably read that post within the context of earlier posts re changing culture and finding middle ground. Thanks.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for your interest in my blog post, John. And thank you for writing and letting me know about your blog. One organization you may want to know about if you don't already is

I didn't see them mentioned in any of the posts of yours that I read. God Bless, Kathleen