May 31, 2013

Keep Calm and Stay Catholic

I'm Gay, but I'm Not Switching to a Church That Supports Gay Marriage
With so many options for gay Christians, why stick with the Catholic church?

The article is about Eve Tushnet, the author, consciously choosing to stay within the Catholic Church, even though she is gay. Her insight goes beyond the immediate topic of being gay.  She presents her reasoning in such a way that its effect is universal.  For example, I am a single heterosexual and I am faced with the same teachings on living the celibate life, as gay folks are faced with - and, like Eve Tushnet, the author of the article above, I am sticking around.  Not only am I sticking around, I am joyful to be living by the Church's Teachings. 

A lot of folks are sticking around even though they are faced with tough situations:
- Folks who cannot have children naturally and are tempted by In Vitro Fertilization. 
- Folks who are tired from being a parent and want to get vasectomies or use artificial contraception.
- Folks who are overwhelmed by an unexpected crisis pregnancy and are tempted to abort the baby.

All of these folks choose to remain Catholic and use their Faith to overcome their temptations, instead of abandoning the Faith to avoid them.  That is what love and charity are about.  That is what it means to live the spiritual life.  That is what Eve Tushnet is role modeling for the rest of us.

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