April 30, 2013

Jason Collins - Will We Christians Ever Get It Right?

Ok, so Jason Collins announced today that he is gay.  Everybody in the world is doing it these days, so it's somewhat anti-climactic to me, but I am sure it is a big deal for him.

The big deal for me is the misrepresentation I hear in the media on the Christian views on homosexuality.  I listened to some Christian (Protestant) folks give their take on the situation on NPR radio today.  I heard, "'Homosexuality is a sin,' so I am against it."  Oh boy. 

If by homosexuality one is referring to the person's being, then, no, homosexuality is not a sin.  It is what a person with Same Sex Attraction does with their homosexuality that determines whether they are sinning or not,  i.e., behavior determines sin, not personal trait.

Please see Separating The Sin From The Sinner - Part 2, which goes into more detail about this concept relative to homosexuals.

This is important.  It causes so much confusion and anger and hurt that can be avoided for and with homosexuals who might otherwise pursue the path of Jesus Christ.

image - http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/does-god-really-hate-gay-ppl/question-118395/?link=ibaf&imgurl=http://avoicenoecho.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/god_loves_gay_people.jpg&q=love%2Bhomosexual%2Bhate

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