September 11, 2012

Marriage and the Good of Society: A Pastoral Statement by the Bishops of Washington State

The Betrothal of Mary to Joseph
The Washington State Catholic Conference, which represents the Catholic bishops of Washington State, courageously issued this pastoral statement about marriage today.  Its title is Marriage and the Good of Society.  Here are some excerpts.

"Marriage is the foundational unit of human society, because it exists for the good of husband and wife and the strengthening of their unique, permanent, and faithful bond of love. In addition, because human sexuality orders the transmission of human life through man and woman, children “are part of the glory of marriage,” as St. Augustine wrote many centuries ago. Marriage is founded on sexual difference and ordered toward the fulfillment of husband and wife and procreation and rearing of children. This basic understanding of marriage and family is 'built in' to the very nature of man and woman. No matter how well-intentioned, the effort to redefine marriage in civil law to include people of the same sex will not serve the good of society because it would detach marriage from its essential character and purpose."

"..we reaffirm the need to recognize and defend the rights of all people. However, redefining marriage as a means of dealing with important issues of equality and respect for persons with same-sex attraction will not achieve this goal and would overturn centuries of common law."

Solid Catholic teachings.  How refreshing, especially given its public nature.  Read the entire article here   And while you are there, consider browsing some of the other posts in that blog.

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