December 03, 2011

Planned Parenthood Sent Their Letter To The Wrong Person

Wow. I thought Planned Parenthood did away with me when they approached me on the streets of New York City and asked me for support. I told them "No, I can't support them; I hope they all close down." 

Lo and behold, they sent me a magnet and a letter today. "We're your sexual health experts. Nothing will freak us out." Well, no kidding. You kill babies. Why would anything freak you out?

Is this not ironic that they sent these to the woman who founded and ran the St. Gerard Walkathon five times? For pregnant women and girls facing crisis pregnancies, to help them bring their children into this world.

Read Page 2 of their letter here. "Many thanks for your demonstrated commitment to the values that [Planned Parenthood] .. expresses through our work every day." Ha. That's not me, but I'm glad to see some of their inside communication. I used to buy into it when I was in high school and college, but not any more. Not for a long time.

Here is Page 1.

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