August 16, 2011

ProLife International à la Ireland

Fetal Development at 8 Weeks
ProLife International à la Ireland
That's the French in me.   :-)

Sometimes I forget that people around the world are ProLifers too.  I can become so focused on US efforts, that I miss out on the struggles happening all over the globe.

I just learned that in Ireland, eventhough they may have a prolife constitution, but certain groups (Department of Adult and Community Education of the National University of Ireland Maynooth) are holding classes on how to deal with early termination of a pregnancy, i.e., abortion!

It seems to be another example of "two steps ahead, six steps back", but we must tread on anyhow.  See what Pat Buckley says about it:

Ireland's Crisis Pregnancy Agency advertises "masterclass on termination of pregnancy"

Master Class on "termination of pregnancy" has been re-named

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