July 20, 2011

Reflections on Going NUTS in BEANtown

Divide and Conquer
A popular strategy of the Devil is "Divide and Conquer".  We all know it, and we all know how effective it can be.  Unfortunately, the Devil is fast at work within the Catholic community with this strategy.  One example is a recent video clip on RealCatholicTV, by Michael Voris on the topic of the Church's stance of people with same sex attraction (SSA). If you haven't already watched it, here it is. 

It is causing a rift among several of my Catholic friends right now.  Since Michael Voris' overall approach is sensationalistic, and his apostolate is not approved by his Diocese, I tend to be cautious with the content of his presentations.  I have found though, that very often his ideas are spot on, but his approach is offensive.

In this case, Going NUTS in BEANtown, his ideas may not even be spot on.  As one friend wrote:

Voris didn't point out these statements of Cardinal Sean:

On Homosexuality from Cardinal Sean's Blog

Cardinal's statement on recent events at St. Cecilia Church in Boston

A teachable moment

This disunity needs to be cleared up.  St. Thomas Aquinas, please pray for us.

image - http://www.pera.net/Ind_intro.html

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