March 19, 2011

Please, Please, Pray For Fr. Corapi

My heart is heavy.  The excessive backlash from sexual abuse in the Church has caught up with Fr. Corapi, who is known for his frank style of presenting teachings of the Catholic Church, on the radio, on television and in print.  He has been accused by a woman who was a former employee.  He is very orthodox and I am always inspired after listening to him.

I was blessed to see him in Lowell, MA several years ago.  He is scheduled to come to Boston, MA in August, but I can't imagine the investigations will be done by then, or if he will be found innocent. 

One of the priests in my local parish was accused of sexual abuse by a woman.  After more than two years, he was found innocent, civilly and canonically, but his vocation was destroyed from the onset.

This is Fr. Corapi's statement on his web site: A Call for Prayer

Please, please, pray for him - and his accuser.
This is going to be a long haul.

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