March 20, 2011

250-Year-Old Political Dispute Results In Russia Taking Back Icons

I was so looking forward to seeing the special exhibition, Dismantling the Treasures from Moscow, at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA, but it looks like I won't be able to. Russia has recalled the entire collection, which was on loan to the museum. It's not totally clear why, but it is related to some 250-year-old political dispute between Russia and the U.S., about a collection of Jewish books and documents.

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I would still recommend a visit to anyone.  It is housed in a refurbished mill building.  The curator personally obtained many of the pieces during several of his visits to Russia, years ago.  The interior decor is nicely done, and the magnifying lens/light at each icon is a tremendous help.  Classy is the word that comes to me.

Piano concerts, education classes, icon painting and egg workshops are also held.  Check out their schedule and visitors' information here

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