February 17, 2011

I Am One Lucky Mother


I will always be thrilled when my sons text me, call me or start a Facebook chat with me.  I love it.  I love that they do some of the initiating in our relationships now.

Today, I am doubly thrilled.  One son texted me just to let me know he got a new iphone.  Yes, he wrote just to share his joy, and not to ask for money.  My other son chatted with me on Facebook and said he couldn't wait to see me tomorrow.  We're going out for lunch.  Again, no requests for money.  ;-)

It's been a good day.  :-)

St. Joseph, please pray for us.
St. Anthony of Padua, please pray for us.
St. Catherine Laboure, please pray for us.


image - http://www.landscapedia.info/plant.php?plantID=30883

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