January 06, 2011

ProLife Alternatives to In Vitro Fertilization

When a couple has trouble conceiving a child, the most common thing they and their doctors turn to is in vitro fertilization (IVF).  Unfortunately IVF goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church, so Catholics do not have that as an option.  See this previous blog entry.  

In an attempt to help and alleviate the pain most infertile couples experience, some Catholic doctors are working hard to provide acceptable alternatives to IVF, and the Knights of Columbus want people to know about it.  Here are some things they share in a recent article regarding Good Medicine:

"Thankfully, there are medical options that respect human dignity when facing the problem of infertility. Throughout North America, there are physicians whose way of viewing married couples and the gift of new life causes them to practice medicine differently. These doctors are providing successful fertility care that is offering real hope and healing."

"Dr. Anne Mielnik, the director and co-founder of Gianna, a Catholic health care center in New York City, said, 'In the area of attacks on human life, such as contraception and abortion, it is doctors who are providing these things. I believe it is doctors who must provide effective and fruitful alternatives.'"

"The couples who see doctors such as Mielnik and Vera are grateful for their holistic, pro-life perspective. Rather than simply applying a technological solution to the problem of infertility, the care provided by clinics such as Gianna attempts to be a truly human, compassionate response. This includes accompanying the couple in their suffering and allowing them to express their faith in the context of treatment. Furthermore, patient care does not end if a couple cannot conceive. In this situation, doctors help the couple transition to mourning and grief."

Full article - Catholic physicians work to provide life-giving alternatives to reproductive technologies

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