December 18, 2010

Bishop Olmsted Pastors His Flock

I like my title to this entry better than Jimmy Akin's title to his entry, Bishop Threatens Smackdown on Catholic Abortion Hospital.  Why?  Because Jimmy Akin's title is on the sensational side, and Bishop Olmsted does not strike me as a sensationalist.  He strikes me as someone who is judiciously and lovingly guiding his flock.

That means he calls people on inappropriate behavior, like any good father should do, but he does it without any hype.  Just the facts.  Just the truth.  His steady, even keel goes a long way, and if we use that same approach in our reporting, we will reinforce his holy efforts..

                                                                                              Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted
So who is Bishop Olmsted?  He is a Bishop in Arizona who does his job.  I wrote about him in this entry, which is about the Catholic nun, Sister Margaret McBride, in the Bishop's Diocese, who consented to aborting the baby of a woman who was 11-weeks pregnant.  At that time, Bishop Olmsted reprimanded the nun and medical organizations involved. 

Today, he is in the news because he is taking concrete steps to follow up on the hospital's lack of response to his request that they change their ways.

I don't like Jimmy Akin's sensationalism, but his article is worth reading.  It includes the Bishop's letter to Lloyd H. Dean, President of Catholic Healthcare Wcst, which is wonderful.  Click here.

Please pray for the Bishop and all involved.

Peace be with you,

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