August 23, 2010

Join The Sexual Health Revolution

It sounds inviting, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, it does to many people.  The catchy phrase is from Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM).

They recently opened three new sites here in Massachusetts - Fitchburg, Marlboro and Milford.  [Just saw on the web site that Fitchburg hasn't opened yet, but that could be a delay in web site upkeep.]  People, most of whom I imagine would identify themselves as ProLife, have already gathered to plan and pray outside of these sites, in churches and in homes.  The ultimate goal is to have these and all PP sites closed, but baby WWJD-type steps will be needed in the meantime.  [Afterthought - The real ultimate goal is to end all abortion.]

If you are local and would like to get involved in some peaceful and prayerful ProLife work related to this, please contact me.  If nothing else, please pray for an end to abortion.

Stay safe, i.e. don't go to Planned Parenthood; go to Birthright or a similar center if you are facing a crisis pregnancy.

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