July 27, 2010

Want To Improve Your Love Life?


Take down, eliminate, and get rid of those barriers to God's intimate love in your life. Pray, and ask the Holy Spirit for help.  If you are single, stop having sex altogether.  If you are married, research natural family planning

Here are some other ideas to consider.

- The purest form of love between a man and woman is a child. Do you really want to interfere with that by using the birth control pill? by dressing immodestly? by having pre-marital sex? by forcing your spouse to have sex? by being unchaste in other ways?

- Consider reading Love & Responsibility , by Karol Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II) or Sex And The Marriage Covenant , by John F. Kippley, The Conjugal Act , by Donald P. Asci, or read the transcription of Janet E. Smith's CD, Contraception Why Not

- Say "I'm sorry" for the confusion, the misunderstanding or the hurt you caused.  It is healing for everyone involved, as long as it is said with a pure heart.

- Fast.  It is a way to temper your desires and bring peace to the world. It also deepens your Faith. Try fasting from food, of course, but also try fasting from swearing, from being stingey, from watching TV, from being self-absorbed, and from always being first in line.

- In giving, you receive. Do you tithe? I don't mean $1 a week in the basket. I mean serious tithing, like 10% of your income. Start at a lower amount and work your way up.

- Confession may only be required for mortal sin, but regular confession for venial sins (at least once a month) gives you grace to stay away from sin and occasions of sin in the first place. "Be humbled in the sight of the Lord, and he will exalt you." (James 4:10)

- Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Have you loved your temple today? or have you overeaten, underslept, sugared out, watched too much TV, watched too much violent or sex-filled TV, sat at your computer too long, underdressed for Mass or Divine Liturgy or dressed immodestly in general?

- Clearing house can clear your heart, mind and soul.  Pare down your physical belongings.

- Do service work.  It the cornerstone to seeing God in every person.  Start with your family members and serve them, then go together to the non-profits.

Peace in Christ,

* This is a rewrite of an entry from my first blog.

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