July 31, 2010

Teaching The Truth Can Get You Fired

Earlier this month:

"A Catholic professor who was relieved of his teaching responsibilities at the University of Illinois for teaching the Catholic doctrine on homosexual sex has won widespread support in his struggle to return to the classroom.

Kenneth Howell, Ph.D., was dismissed from teaching his courses 'Introduction to Catholicism' and 'Modern Catholic Thought' after a student complained that Howell’s teaching on homosexual sex constituted 'hate speech.'..A number of students, Catholics, some professors, and others have rallied to Howell’s defense."

I love that some atheists and folks from the Lesbian Gay BiSexual Transgender (LGBT) community have spoken up about this injustice.  It shows that Truth cuts through all barriers.

"The Daily Illini, the University of Illinois student newspaper, editorialized against Howell’s dismissal in its July 13 issue.

'While we disagree with [Catholic teaching on homosexual sex] and fully support the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] community in its fight for equality, firing Howell for teaching the facts was wrong, and an overreaction,' the newspaper editors wrote. 'Being inclusive means allowing all viewpoints to be heard, and firing a Catholic professor for expressing the beliefs of his religion is a misplaced way to take a stand for homosexual students.'

Howell’s supporters include students and professors who disagree, sometimes completely, with Church teaching on homosexual sex.

'As an atheist, I really agree with almost nothing in such a class as Dr. Howell taught,' Ed Clint, president of the student group Atheists, Agnostics, and Freethinkers, told the Daily Illini. 'But I didn’t feel that anything he did solicited termination as a result.'" - http://www.ncregister.com/register_exclusives/fired-for-teaching-the-truth/

It looks like the school is coming around.  Click here

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