July 05, 2010

Human Conception - The Real Thing

Ed Roames, an international spokesperson for the philosophy of abundance and achievement, recently posted The Authentic History of You on his Facebook page.  Here is an excerpt.

"When you were conceived, your mother contributed one important living cell to the process. Your father, on the other hand, contributed over four hundred million living cells.

Some of the cells from your father just sat and did nothing. Some of them just went around in circles. Some wandered about with no direction. Some made a good start, but quit before they reached success. Still, millions raced to the goal.

But only one living cell was fast enough. Only one living cell was strong enough to fight off all its competitors and win. That one winning cell united with the cell from your mother and became you.

You are not an accident. You are, at your core, that little champion who fought to be born and won. You are unique and valuable.

At your conception, you received a genetic code that is yours and yours alone. Your personal genetic code – your DNA - determined your gender, your skin color, your eye color, your hair color, your body shape, and your predispositions. All this was settled in the victory of conception that created you."

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