July 22, 2010

Continuing With Prudence In Conversations


Keys of Virtue

Yesterday, I became angry about someone's rude behavior.  My initial reaction was to call a friend and "vent", but other thoughts came to me.  "Wait a minute.  Do I really need to talk about this incident and talk about the person involved?  What is my motivation?  Will I just be badmouthing the person or do I really need to vent to get clarity?"

It has only been a week since I have been practicing the virtue of prudence in conversations and I see glimpses of it taking hold.  It inspires me to continue because the ultimate hope is that the practice will become a good habit.  It will become habitual and more automatic as I live my life.

So what did I do with those thoughts that surfaced?  I held on to them, as well as my intense feelings, and I went on with my day as best I could.  I did not pick up the phone and vent as I normally would have.  Instead, as my angry, vindictive thoughts arose, I just noticed them and asked myself questions again.  "Do I really need to blab about it, or can I sit with things and see if my anger will resolve itself and bring clarity?  What exactly am I mad about?  Am I mad because of the rude behavior, or am I mad because I don't like that person in the first place and this gives me a reason to show everyone else I have been right about them all along?" 

I let this unravel and eventually became calm.  I realized I didn't need to call anyone about this.

Then, lo and behold, I find myself in a conversation with another friend of mine, and I start "venting" and sharing the things that made me angry - except - it was all happening out of habit and not need.  I knew right away that what I was doing was not necessary and I felt empty with every word that came out about it.  The problem - I didn't know how to stop myself.  I did not know how to fill the conversation with other topics, so I continued blabbing even when I truly didn't care about that incident any more.  I knew in my mind right there that I was being silly, and, uncharitable toward the person with the rude behavior, as well as toward the friend I was "venting."

I wish I would have just stopped and let the awkwardness exist between me and my friend.  At least it would not have been a sin. 

Now, I am off to practice virtue.  I think I need it.  :-)

Peace in Christ,


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