June 18, 2010

Putting Sports In Perspective

On the heels of the Boston Celtics losing to the Los Angeles Lakers last night in basketball, I took part in an exchange about the place of professional athletes and sports in our society.  I'll just quote my last input.

"I enjoy sports too, but the nature in which our society aggrandizes the whole business is wanting. The notion that people have greater self-esteem, productivity and more babies as a result of athletes winning sporting events is a sad reflection of our society's inability to care about more meaningful things, like saving the juvenile delinquent from self-destruction and feeding the poor and stopping abortion.

Just imagine if all that money, energy and time went into helping pregnant girls and women say no to abortion by relying on social systems that we have paid for and run so they can give birth to their babies and make better lives for them and themselves.

I am not suggesting we eliminate sports. I am suggesting we temper them and put them in their proper perspective."

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