June 02, 2010

God, You Are My Source


God, You are my Source. 
Please guide me with my will and my life. 
Please show me how to live.

I am willing to align my will with Yours for me. 
I am willing to ebb and flow as is needed to let the
light of Jesus Christ glow and grow within me,
in Your time for me.

So I pray for the knowledge and the
understanding of Your will for me,
And I pray for the courage, the strength and the 
grace to carry it out, whatever it may be.  And I
pray for Your help.  Please help me throughout the
day in whatever form You know I need it, at the 
time You know I need it, I am willing to be
healed through Jesus Christ,
Our Lord.  Amen.

- Anonymous

image - http://www.burdensintoblessings.com/sunbeams.jpg


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